Join the Quinault Indian Nation’s



March and Rally To Say

NO” to crude oil in Grays Harbor!  

Friday, JULY 8th - Hoquiam, WA

Tribal canoes, fishing boats, and other vessels will converge at the NW end of Rennie Island.  Led by Tribal canoes and fishing boats, the boats will land at the 9th St. Dock in Hoquiam where they will be joined by others on land for a 4-block March to the Hoquiam City Hall for a Rally at 3:00 pm, followed by a seafood meal—all led by the Quinault Indian Nation.


To Join the March on Land:  meet at the new 9th St. Dock and Park at 1:30   

Levee St & 9th St, Hoquiam 

To Join the Rally on Water:  Meet the paddlers and small boats at the 11:00

at the 28th St. Dock in Hoquiam

or meet the boats at 12:30 at the NW end of Rennie Island

For a schedule of events:
For boating info:
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Or call the Quinault Indian Nation at 360.276.8215 ext. 305 or 340








Olympia Confront the Climate Crisis


Olympia Confront the Climate Crisis is dedicated to building a movement of ordinary people committed to preserving our planet’s livable climate. We have taken it upon ourselves to become actively involved in solving the climate crisis by proposing solutions, supporting creative ideas and keeping the remaining oil, gas and coal reserves in the ground.


We do this to protect the well-being of the next generation, to support the rights of indigenous peoples, to empower an engaged citizenry, to nurture a true democracy and to protect our magnificent natural resources: our towering trees, diverse planet-life, abundant wildlife, snow-capped peaks and rushing rivers.


It’s time to rapidly transition from fossil fuels to renewable. Don’t despair this task isn’t insurmountable; we just have to act now.


Plug in, make a difference, and enjoy the satisfaction of working with people who care about sustaining life on this Earth. We can use your support to pass significant state and national carbon taxes; keep fossil fuel reserves in the ground; and persuade our state and national representatives to fund public transportation, conservation and renewable energy.


Help us protect Washington‘s stunning environment from the onslaught of plans by industry to move dirty coal and fracked oil and gas from the interior of the country to our coast.  Washingtonians have a tremendous opportunity to provide national leadership in the struggle to keep the remaining oil, gas and coal resources in the ground.